Wonderful Antique Treen Apple Shaped Winding Cloth Measuring Tape

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I love love love this little thing-- a tiny treen apple with a 36+ inch cloth measuring tape inside, which I must say is sort of thrilling to pull out (I was thinking it would end at 12 or 24 inches, but it just kept unfurling) and even more fun to wind back in by turning the "stem" of the apple. Just a little gem of a thing, with inches on one side of the tape and centimeters on the other, and still clad in (some of its) original red and yellow paint. Late 19th c. or so I believe and a pretty rare one I think.

1 3/4" t x 1 1/8" in diameter. Good antique condition, works perfectly, winds and unwinds smoothly and easily. There is a tiny mend in blue thread at the near end of the tape (I think just a reinforcement to prevent fraying when gripping, and which makes it even better I think.) Tiny hairline split just to the rear of the tape opening, pretty minor and not affecting soundness.