Wonderful Antique Russian Icon Painting on Tin, Saint Nicholas and Saint Michael

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I've always got an eye out for religious icon paintings on tin, but rarely come across one I love as much as this large one, which is Russian (though much faded, there is painted Russian text in white above each figure) and depicts St. Nicholas at left and St. Michael at right. Saint Nicholas of Bari--patron saint of children, sailors, and travelers (and the prototype of Father Christmas)--is especially popular in Eastern Orthodox icons, most often depicted, as here, as an Orthodox bishop, wearing the omophorion and holding a Gospel Book. It is the inclusion of Saint Michael (the Archangel) though that puts this painting over the top for me, with his wings and, best of all, flaming sword (the depiction of which I really love, with it almost looking as is he has no hand at all, but rather that the sword is an extension of his body.) Perfectly set against a just right blue ground that makes me think of frescoes, and with the gilding of their haloes still in very good tact. Most of the wear/paint loss is along the bottom edge, near where candles would have been burned I believe.

15 1/4" x 13 3/16" and in very good antique condition. Surface scratching and paint loss as evident, all to the good in my opinion. Heavy tin is in good shape, no tears or major dents or bends. Shows beautifully.