Wonderful Antique Photo of Carpenters (and Guard Dog!) in their Shop

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What a surly looking bunch! I might be a bit wary of stepping into their shop, but such is the beauty of photography. I love everything about this, from the stacks of planks on all sides and sawdust underfoot, to the tools in hand, to their aprons and rolled up shirt sleeves and pipes and dangling pocket watches, and most of all their faces--and attitudes! And with the two seated men and fierce-looking dog anchoring it all--at left one assumes the head carpenter and at right the boss, who looks like a larger than life character straight out of central casting. 

Sold in the frame I found it is, with no glass but which I think suits it well. The photo itself, mounted to board, shows age--small scattered stains and light surface wear, (but no tears or buckling), which in this case I think just adds to the ambiance. Framed: 12 1/2" X 10 5/8". Photo itself: 9" x 7". The frame is in good shape and wired on the back for hanging. Late 19th century I believe.