Wonderful Antique Painted Tin House with Carved, Spinning Couple

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This marvelous antique tin house I am pretty certain is German, from Erzgebirge, a mountain region on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic famous for folk art structures, toys and figures in this vein. There is wooden post that extends from the roof of the house through its center, attaching to the rotating platform upon which the couple stand--by turning it manually, you can still get these two turning, and very fast if you do it right! I believe it dates to the late 19th century or so, and while at first I thought the central component of a weathervane, I have since found a few examples of similar configuration that are referred to as "barometers" or "weather houses," made more as decorative novelties, with the instruction that on fair days the woman should be turned into the sun, while on rainy days on should put the man outside! 

This is by far the best, and oldest example I have found. The carved, hatted figures with painted smiling faces are wonderful, and perfectly matched to their charming  tin house with lovingly hand-painted bricks and gate, and yellow window frames, arches, and that terrific roof trim. I might set it near a window, and would be inclined to see that both figures see equal time in the sun!

Very good condition, made even better by a little rusting and dings to the the tin here and there. The woman lost one little arm along the way. With a little effort, the house will slide a little forward and backward on the base (it sits in grooves made by folded tin on the sides) should one want to slightly adjust the distance between the couple and the front fence-- but be sure to leave them plenty of room to spin! 8 5/8" tall x 5 5/8" w x 5 3/8" d.