Wonderful Antique Make Do Bee Box with Carved Window

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I love an old handmade bee box--each one representing a particular individual's solution to the problem of trapping, transporting and releasing a bee or bees--and I really love this one, very character-rich. It appears a make do creation, making use of a small crate/box and lid, into which its maker hand-carved an opening at center, and backed it with a shard of glass to create the view hole. Leather hinges, carrying strap, and front latch closing over a nail, and a slit carved in one side allow for the slide to create a divided interior (when slat is pushed in, bees could be trapped under it/separated from one another by it.) There is some honeycomb residue at the bottom of the box, and the rear side shows old staples used to shore up a split, which worked pretty well, it is stable and fairly sound now. A nice old one, and special especially for the carved out window hole. 

 5 1/2 (6 1/4” including edge of slide) x 4 1/4 d x 3 7/8” t. Overall good antique condition. Leather is dry and shows lots of cracking, one wants to be a little gentle on the hinges.