Wonderful Old Inuit Carved Wood Figure in Hide Parka

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What a face. And what a marvelously gestural body. This carved figure is definitely Inuit, I think likely Greenlandicand I am sure once sat in a hide covered kayak, with his carved hands probably gripping carved wooden oars.  The leather of his coat has aged and hardened in what I find a most beautiful way, to hold this sort of raised shoulder, dangling hands shrugging posture that feels full of character and full of life. I've looked at enough of these carved Inuit figures to feel pretty confident that he dates to the late 19th century or so, with the weathering to the wood of his face and darkening to the leather of his coat making him feel as if he's been out rowing through sun and rain forever. Really beautiful.

4 1/8" t x 1 7/8" w x 1 1/4" d. Good antique condition, with one small tear in the leather of one sleeve near the elbow. Stable and sound and not especially fragile.