Wonderful Antique Hanging Carved and Jointed Wooden Figures with Joined Arms

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This perpetually joined pair is among my very favorite things I've found, just lovely and lovingly made from heads to toes. It seems very likely that their heads and torsos at least were carved from clothespins (perhaps they once hung from the clothesline along with the laundry!), with additional carved pieces added for their legs and arms, which are attached via thread-wrapped wire at hips and shoulders. At the top center of their extended arms are two more wire loops, now strung with black thread for hanging them.  And indeed when they are hung and left to balance and bob and turn in the breeze, one can fully appreciate their sweetly carved and drawn faces and fancy painted suits!

Figures together measure 6" across x 6 1/4" tall x 1 1/8" wide. Very good antique condition and nicely aged. There is a little white paint on the back of one figure's neck and one missing toe of one boot. Structurally very sound, with all of the wire still well attached. The black thread from which they hang could be easily replaced by thin wire or whatever. They do not stand steadily on their own so would need a stand or something to lean against if not hanging.