Wonderful Antique Handmade 65 Hole Marble Solitaire Gameboard with Clay Marbles

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I always have an eye out for marbles solitaire gameboards, which I particularly love for the fact that you can play alone, anytime, plus for the fact that they are a great way to display and put beautiful old clay marbles to use. And this is, hands-down, my very favorite I've found, circa 1900 I believe, with original surface, terrific white milk paint decoration, and elevated octagonal playing board with a very expansive 65 holes! For display purposes there's an extra large marble for the center hole, but to play you'd remove this one and start jumping, eliminating marbles as you go and dropping them in the recessed corners. With so many holes on the board, it seems one could research and invent all sorts of other games and variations to play with it too, maybe for two players also. Really a great one.

11 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 1". There are  a few added nails, and a few old shrinkage lines to the bottom tray, but in overall excellent condition.  Sold with 65 old 1/2" clay marbles.