Wonderful Antique French Hand-embroidered Figurative Doily: Soleil

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Clearly I've been paying attention to antique lace and linens of late, especially figurative pieces, which seem to me to be a great trove of folk art delights! This this handmade linen doily, spelling "soleil" at left (wonderfully divided across two lines as if an afterthought, or adapted to fit) is certainly French, and I believe may reference Louis XIV, the "sun king", in its depiction of this Sun God warrior with sword, rayed crown, and royal lion beside him, which looks to be breathing fire! I especially love the little face on the sun. All very finely done by hand showing a wide variety of stitches (buttonhole stitch, cut work, eyelet) and and by turning it over one can see all of the tiny tiny seed stitches giving texture to the bodies of warrior and lion, reminding me a bit of 19th c. pinpricked drawings/paintings on paper. Fabulous. 

6.5" in diameter and in excellent condition. This was freshly laundered and ironed by the seller I purchased it from.