Wonderful Antique Four Drawer Tramp Art Chest with Mirror

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I found this one at an antiques show in New Hampshire last week, and it took me all of one second to commit to it ---many times better in person, with tons of character, terrific crusty surface, structurally very sound and sturdy, and original mirror in place.  Not as ornate as many tramp pieces, which I think is a good thing, but with chip carving to most every edge, including around the perimeter of each drawer face. Pulling out the drawers reveals that the top and bottom of the four are narrower, with gold painted pieces nailed to either side on the chest behind where they indent. The pulls I believe are copper, with raised flowers on some of them. Original surface, much alligatored in places and with very mellowed gold paint around the edges of the top and on the carved bits running vertical to the mirror. Super.

16 1/2" t x 9 5/16" w x 5" d. Very early 20th c. I believe and in very good structural condition, with wear and aging to the surface as evident all to the good I think. Stands sturdy and all drawers open and close.