Wonderful Antique Folk Art Carved and Painted Figure with Fishing Pole

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I find this very old, small carved figure extraordinarily beautiful, equally in terms of form and fantastically aged surface, with pale yellow paint on the face and gorgeous blue-green for the shirt, which still pops. I believe it was probably once part of a whirlygig, with a screw still in the base, which is nailed to the inside bottom of the legs, and via which it would have attached it to a larger structure. The upper body of the figure is attached to a steel post which sticks through a hole at the center of the legs, and which now allows one to remove the figure entirely and, if desired, to flip the base upside down to display it a different way (see photos). Either way positioned, it stands up straight on its own.

6 3/8" tall x 5" long including pole x 1 1/4" deep. In very good condition, beautifully aged and structurally very sound and stable. The fishing pole has a little give up and down but not a lot.