Wonderful Antique Child Made Friendship Card with Nest in Tree Drawing and Cut Paper Edging

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I find this antique handmade card--maybe a valentine, or maybe just a general token of love--wonderful down to every detail. I love that that the leaves on the flowers at the corners of the front make them look like very healthy dandelions, and then this terrific budding tree at center with nest perched in the crook of one branch, I think with a little egg draw inside, too. Then another similar tree inside plus a poem: "I know you'll laugh, When this you see, But when you laugh, Please [dramatically underlined] think of me." Plus fabulous handout scalloped edges all around and a couple of diamond cutouts at the fold. On the back, it appears it was sent long ago to Mamma (?) from Moses (???). 

4" x 5" closed and in excellent condition. Early 1900s I believe.