Wonderful Early Carved Out (One Piece of Wood) Slide Top Box in Original Paint

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The beauties of this box may be subtle, but it is quite a special feeling thing, best enjoyed and appreciated in person and over time. The box itself was carved out from  one piece of wood, and look closely and you will see that the form of it is quite irregular, taller at one end that the other, giving it to my eye a fantastic wedge-like silhouette. The sliding lid fits in its groove as snugly as humanly possible, and you can see from the wear to the paint on one short side exactly how it was held in order to get a good grip to open it. At the top edge of the other end is one single nail, which appears to have been placed at the center of a hairline crack and adds a tiny interruption to minimalism. The surface bears what appears to be the original stain/paint, which has a subtle blue undertone to it that feels exactly right. Smooth, heavy for its size, great to hold, with a wonderful presence. The (more knowledgable than I!) dealer I purchased this from thought likely early 1800s. 

8" l x 2 7/8" t (at highest end; 2 5/8" t at short end) x 3 3/16" w and in excellent condition. Lid really is tight but pulls out very smoothly and fits back in beautifully.