SOLD Wonderful Antique Cabinet Card of Mid 19th Century Folk Art Portrait

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I continue to be drawn to 19th c. photographs of folk art portraits, whether in the form of daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, or glass plate negatives, or cabinet cards as here--such an interesting period as painted portraits gave way to photographic ones, with photographs of paintings like this one perfectly embodying that transition, which was a paradigm shift, really. Plus, what a great portrait this is! I really love the extra large hand in the near foreground, holding her much smaller bible, with the craqueleur on the paint of the bible captured with perfect clarity by the photograph. Wonderful face, wonderful details, and this terrific background of intensive mark-making that gives her a sort of halo. 

On the reverse of the card are notes thatappear to have been written by the granddaughter of the subject, providing the name of the sitter (Carolia ___), married in 1848 and captured here, as I follow it, at the age of 25. There is another note with a date of 1868, which seems too late for the portrait and a bit early for the cabinet card so I'm not entirely sure about that one!

6 1/8" x 4 1/8".  Very good antique condition, c. 1880s or so I believe.