Wonderful Trench Art Iron Rest with Diving (?) Woman on the Underside

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This curious thing, one of my favorite recent finds. Clearly it's a piece of trench art, WW2 I would guess, with this fabulous engraved woman with great face and arms raised overhead, who looks to me poised to take a dive, though she does still have her shoes on, so I suppose she might just be doing her morning exercises! The steel object she is carved into, shaped like an ironing board (though also a bit like a diving board) and with heavily bolted on bullet casings for legs, I believe was likely meant to rest an iron.  Whatever the case I really love that she is etched into what seems to be the underside, like a secret sweetheart--though I imagine this was made to bring home to a wife destined to spend many hours ironing!

9 5/16” x 4” w x 2 3/4” t and in very good condition. It appears that three of the four bullet casing legs have stoppers on the bottom but one does not, which does not prevent it from sitting squarely and stably.