Wonderful Folk Art Relief Carving of Man on Horse with Dog

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I purchased this piece online and wasn't entirely sure of it, but it is really fantastic, and photos really do not do it justice. It is deeply and beautifully carved, with the grain of the wood adding to the terrific sculptural quality of the man and his horse, fence, dog, and this interesting sort of abstract form at right. I especially love the face of the figure and hat held high in a wave to us! And then leather and gold-toned wire added for the bridle and reigns. Really great. I might hang it or prop it somewhere near the front door to greet visitors coming and going.

I'm not entirely certain of its age but might think 1920-40s. A hanger (wire might be best) could be added to the back for hanging. It is fairly heavy and deep so also nice for sitting on a shelf. There is one broken piece of leather, really only noticeable it you are looking for it, otherwise excellent condition.  14 3/8" w x 9 1/8" t x 1 1/2" deep.