Wonderful (Almost) 8 Inch Handmade Wooden Ruler

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It looks to me that this ruler was made entirely from scratch, though I suppose it's not impossible that it's a heavily made over old one. In either event, each inch has been marked with a small carved (perhaps pyrographed) triangle, cumulating as one goes, such that one could read it with one's fingers rather than one's eyes! Other details appears to be executed in graphite, including the division of each inch into eighths, an "Eagle" logo at the center, and then a series of horizontal lines to the right of that, one of them deeply carved. Plus some traces of red here and there and a few other flourishes, and some more carved marks on the reverse. Indeed, this would be fairly usable as a ruler for smallish things, but I myself might hang it on the wall as a charming, lovingly made little curiosity.

7 3/4" l x 7/8" t x 1/8" thick and wonderfully worn.