Wonderful 19th C. Signed Pennsylvania Needlepoint Sampler on Homespun Linen

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The colors and naive treatment of the imagery on this 19th c. needlepoint make it feel about as close to a Fraktur drawing as any I've come across, which makes it just about the ultimate needlework to me!  Surrounding this great stately manor on all sides are flowers and shrubs of many sorts, some potted and some growing free and some with birds perched atop them, as well as a wonderfully duck at upper left, a dog and a deer at upper right, and a pair of what I believe are red squirrels at top. Along the bottom edge is the name of its maker in brown, the first name a bit hard to read but the last Calland I believe, and I think one can really feel her presence as well as her hand when looking at this. I know it came from Pennsylvania, and I would guess it dates closer to 1800 than 1900 but I'm not completely certain. To my eye about as charming as it gets.

Sold as found behind glass in a great old solid wood frame, which is in very good shape. Framed: 14 3/8” x 14” w. Sight: 10 1/4” x 9 13/16”. Pretty minor losses to the needlepoint but overall very good antique condition. There is a small dab of white paint on the frame at lower left. Some glare in photos.