Wonderful 19th C. Hand-painted Glass Magic Lantern Slide with Animals

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Pure love for this one, which I purchased from a dealer who had a dozen or so different ones clearly all done by the same person long ago; I would have been very glad to take all of them, but this was most definitely may favorite. In addition to the wonderful paintings of the animals themselves, each individually labeled underneath on one side, I especially love the fact that the fish accompanies the three grazing animals, with ground painted below its belly too, as if standing on its fins and walking among them! To my eye just completely fabulous.

9 1/2” l x 2 13/16” t and in very good condition. There is a piece of foam core that was cut with precision to sit behind this. I would likely hang it on the wall set atop a couple of nails, but it could be set anywhere and does not need light behind it to pop.