Wonderful 19th C. Carved Out Box with Butterfly and Original Paint Decoration

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This one feels like my real find of the week (it is getting so hard to find things that are undervalued, I must say!), which I purchased on ebay in a largely unnoticed auction listing from a seller not typically dealing in older things. And quite an old box it is, with the interesting shape, entirely carved out of a block of wood--no nails; the only hardware is the hinges holding on the lid. The paint decoration is original to it and just gorgeous (makes me think of early 19th c. diagrams in mensuration notebooks) and then this wonderful butterfly relief carved on the lid, with yellow paint on its wings and black surrounding it, where it looks there were once painted flowers or grasses to either side. Many times better in hand, with a terrific presence and feel to it, c. mid 19th c. or so I believe and I would guess New England.

6 1/8" x 3 1/8 x 3 1/8 and in very good antique condition, with wear to the paint where it should be and a terrific patina. Hinges, which could be old replacements, are in good shape, holding tight, and lid sits flush.