Wonderful 1880s Walker and Pratt Cast Iron Stove Front with Faces

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Not totally my usually thing, but I thought this was such a beautiful (and beautifully preserved) piece of cast iron, especially with those faces at the top corners, that I just couldn't resist it. It was once the front screen of a c. 1880 Walker and Pratt parlor stove, which had a side load door, so that the front was just the fire view, gorgeously framed! I thought it could be great in front of a fireplace now, or one could or, as long as well anchored, hang it, which is how I found it. I must say the "window" at center and the dramatic framing of it also makes me think a puppet show should be enacted behind it! 

 21 lbs. 21 1/4" 22 1/8" x approx 2 1/2" d. The iron is in very good condition, just beautiful. No losses or issues at all.