Woman in Top Hat "The Would Be Poet" 1913 Pen and Ink Signed Drawing

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Some things I take a while to deliberate over before purchasing, but not this drawing---it sold me immediately! I have no idea the story behind it; whether it was drawn as a self-effacing self-portrait of sorts, or as a caricature satirizing the rise of aspiring women authors... I like to think the former, but in any event I think she's terrific, and  seems quite poised to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to! At the moment this is penning an Ode to Spring...and I presume the form to the the left of her fabulous boot is an ink bottle, with J. Jingles perhaps again a somewhat sardonic reference to the character of the writing on the scrolling page in her hand?

Signed A.R.G, which I have not been able to trace, and dated 1913. It's in great condition, with some pencil sketching visible under the ink. A few small stains at lower left, minor, and a fold to the lower right corner. 6 1/2" tall x 5 1/8" wide. Such a fun one I think!