Woman in Parlor Behind Beaded Curtain, 1909 British Cyanotype

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I am completely taken with this antique cyanotype--formally, as well as in terms of all the information that is packed into it, and for the way our elusive subject is turned away from us and forever veiled behind her beaded screen, with this curtain splitting the image into two parts in a bit of a Baroque manner. And what a chock lot of patterns and styles going on, with a fantastic degree of detail to the portrait and plate on the corner shelf, painting to the right, pillow on the back of the rocker, etc. Just great.

I know from the person I purchased it from that this dates to 1909. 3 7/16" x 3 1/8". A little unevenness to the cutting of the edges and just a bit of age toning at the bottom but very good condition.