SOLD Woman in Blue Old Folk Art Painting on Wood Panel

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This woman in blue with her almond shaped eyes reminds me so much of a Modigliani beauty that I'd be inclined to think this was a folk art copy of one of his paintings, but I can't find a reference for her, and the cursive signature--and name of the subject--written in pencil on reverse certainly look like older (19th century) handwriting to me. In any case, a really wonderful portrait, right down to those beautifully rounded fingers, folded across the front of what I'm sure must be a bible. With the tie of her bonnet undone, neck exposed, and very red lips, she seems as sultry as she does pious, and all the more of a mystery. The text on the reverse of the panel looks to read Anne Margot / Bangor and then B. Selby, I would guess the former the name of the subject, perhaps of Bangor Maine (?) and Selby the artist. (These names have lead me nowhere). The painting, on wood panel, is housed on the frame I found it in (in Great Barrington, MA), which looks to the made from an old cupboard door.

Framed: 17 9/16” x 12 7/8”. Painting: 13 5/8” x 8 5/8” . Very good condition and all the better in person, with some aging to the surface of the wood and a bit of black paint loss on the frame, all to the good I think.