Adobe Interior with Woman Cooking and Stripes, 1929 Oil on Cardboard Painting, Signed

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The back of this painting is signed and a signature is scratched into the paint on the front right corner too, but I can't clearly read either.  What first drew me to the painting is that wonderful passage of colorful strips at center, which I take for a bolster or perhaps a blanket running along the back of a platform sofa or day bed. But then it's all the details  that make it really sweet--the vessels lined up on the shelf above those stripes, the one picture hanging on the wall, the arched opening at the base of her traditional wood-fired oven, and the jug to the left of it and low table and tiny stool near the center of the room. For some reason it makes me think of the Gropius house in Lincoln, MA for the manner in which it captures a specific way of living within a specific type of architecture in a particular place, in this case a traditional adobe home in the Southwest in the late 1920s. Quite wonderful I think.

13 3/4" x 9 3/4" and in good condition. I found it framed, but the frame is not special--I'm happy to send in the frame or not, just let me now what you prefer. There is a little wear around the perimeter from the frame.