Woman at the Sea, Victorian Oil Painting in Gold Frame

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(A bit hard to photograph on account of the very gold frame--I've shot in two different lights to try to give a sense.)

Women at the sea became a popular subject for paintings of the Victorian era--books have been written all about why, with reasons ranging from the popularization of belief in the healthfulness and curative powers of the sea and salt air, to deeply rooted associations between women and water/fluid(ity) etc. (Relatedly, sea moss gathering and pressing became a popular activity--I'd guess especially popular because it became an acceptable vehicle for women to be out on their own with a certain freedom, and maybe there's a pile of sea mosses gathered just outisde the frame of this painting.) I like that the woman here feels rather more like subject than object--gazing out at the sea, thinking her own thoughts.

Oil on board, framed, as found: 15 5/8” w x 15 3/4” t x 1 7/8” d. Painting: 12 x 12 3/16. All in good condition. It appears to me the frame was likely repainted at some point, and there are a few touch ups visible to the gold as well, documented. If you prefer, I'm happy to send unframed, and will refund shipping savings - just let me know if that is what you'd prefer. 4th quarter 19th c. I believe.