Two Women and House with Fallen Limbs 19th C. Watercolor Drawing

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A very sweet and curious watercolor drawing, c. 1860s-70s or so, I believe, which appears to have been cutout out in whole from one page and glued onto the backing paper here. What the two ladies to the left of the house are up to I'm not entirely sure; the one in blue holds a page of writing in her hands, while the other sits quietly perched on the hill, little hat on head and hands in her lap. Perhaps it's a last will the woman in blue holds, having just inherited this old, long neglected house, and she's considering their future there? Or maybe she's just purchased it, and is reading the deed? Or maybe she's come visit the long lost relative/recluse who lives within? Whatever the case, the cottage is very much a character in this story, and a pretty great one I think, with those  fallen limbs spread across the roof, and energetically rendered green grass out front, and what looks like an arrow pointing to the knob on that yellow door as if to signal the beginning of a drama yet to unfold! Feels like a novel to me!

12" x 10 1/8" framed, as found, in a black painted period frame. Sight" 9 3/8" x 7 1/2". Some tears to the paper as evident and documented, but stable inside the frame, original to it I believe. Wired on the back for hanging.