Wolf, Bear, Raven and Dreamcatcher Vintage Graphite Drawing, with Glitter!

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One sees quite a lot of "Native American-inspired" drawings, paintings (often airbrushed), and tattoos out there featuring spirit animals and dreamcatchers, but this super sincere drawing is I think of a different ilk entirely, and completely charming. It was executed in what appears primarily to be graphite, drawn really hard, with a little black ink it seems for the wings, talon, and noses, plus silver glitter on top. As one would imagine was the aspiration of its maker, one really feels as if all three of these animals are seeing into one's soul and vice verse!  The makers also did a pretty great job with the composition, packing a whole lot in--with the fanatically drawn wings of the raven framing it on one side, the complementary feathers of the dreamcatcher on the other, and bear paw prints along the bottom leading the eye along. The more I look at this, the more I really really love it.

12" x 9" and in very good condition. It is signed (initialed) to the right of the right paw print. Based on a second drawing I found inside the frame I removed it from, I believe it dates to the late 70s or early 80s. Sold unframed.