Willis Brown’s Exquisitely Done Egyptian Architecture and Ornament Watercolor Book

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So much fun to find this one, delivering one delight after another. Clearly it was done as a school project--perhaps for a course about world cultures, or perhaps for an art/art history class on architecture and ornament--and surely the Willis Brown who did it received a high mark, as it is exceptionally beautifully done. There are a number of pages primarily dedicated to text (executed in perfect penmanships), most of these with wonderful watercolored ornament at top or borders around the text. But best are six full page watercolors portraying famous sites and temples, with a few figures in each--which feel quite reverent and rare in their beauty and sensitivity. I wanted to keep this whole, but it would be very easy to remove the ties that are holding the pages together and frame the watercolors. Really lovely.

12" x 9", 18 pp total, with text/watercolors on one side only. All in excellent condition, with just some fading to the purple construction paper cover. 1920s-30s I would think.