Primitive Antique Whittled Uncle Sam Figure in Coffin

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This little folk carving of a figure in coffin--blue shirt, red pants, and labeled in Uncle Sam in pencil at his feet--feels quite timely at the present moment in the life of our nation, at least a hundred years after its making.  Enough said. It's maker, or someone later, took the time to add six little tack nails around the perimeter of the coffin, such that the lid slides smoothly and fits super snugly--just right--protecting the figure (and symbol of the US Federal government) for what one hopes is a release and revivification near at hand. Quite a singular thing that surely carries quite a story, though I have no real sense of the political context in which it was made...perhaps WWI?  

3" long x 3/4" wide x 5/8" tall. In very good antique condition with a terrific patina.