Petroleum Jelly c. 1950s Hand-painted Make Do Cardboard Sign

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This sign was painted on the back of two joined/overapping pieces of cardboard packaging, including one for "Nu-Style" Peppermint Patties, which pretty definitely dates it to the 1950s, and would strongly suggest it was made in a grocery store for actual store use. It also suggests that this store was pushing a generic brand of petroleum jelly, perhaps its own store brand, rather than promoting Vaseline (which had been invented in 1870; the wikipedia entry on the history of Petroleum jelly is a pretty fascinating read, fyi!) Anyway, a fun, great looking sign in all respects, which certainly make one nostalgic for a time from signs at the market were hand-painted, and anything cost 25 cents!

14" long x 5 5/8" tall and in great, super bright condition.