What's What At Home and Abroad by F. Sturges Allen - 1902 First Edition

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This 1902 first edition of “What’s What At Home and Abroad” by F. Sturges Allen covers only the most critical of information for the international traveller: “Bill of Fare Vocabulary”, “Poisonous Plants and Remedies”, “What to Do in Case of Accidents”, and “Precious and Other Stones Used in Jewelry”.  That's it. Gifted by a James B. Drake to a Pearl Ward Sawyer in 1906, I’d like to think this this handy guide accompanied Ms. Sawyer on many adventures, during which she enjoyed exotic desserts like charlotte a la russe and ventured off the beaten path confident in her knowledge of how to steer clear of poisonous hemlock and how to bandage a head wound should things come to that!  A great time capsule and a super fun read!

6 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 1/2". Good vintage condition, with just a bit of mildewing to the end pages. No tears or folds.