West African Barber’s Double-Sided Sign on Wood Panel signed NRD, 1996

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I believe this original hand-painted barber shop sign is most likely from Burkino Faso, and I have actually found another (featured in the virtual “Museum of Uncut Funk” by, I believe, the same artist--that one signed with the R of NRD elaborated to spell Rasmane. West African Barber shop/hairdressers signs like this, dating from the 1970s to present, have become quite collectible, and were/are often made by artists specialized in making them. I love the shape and structure of the panel on which this one was painted too, an old wood frame I'd guess turned horizontally and painted on both sides, both great, though I’m especially partial to the handsome mustachioed man with thick rimmed glasses and terrific comb. Super.

15 7/8” w x 11 1/8” t x 1 1/16” and in very good condition, with a little wear to the paint along the edges that just makes it better. The ground is a great rich yellow mustard and the blacks are nice and bold.