Watercolor Painting of Couple and Little Girl with Open Arms

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This wonderful little watercolor painting feels so familiar, as if it might be based on an illustration from a book by Jane Austen or one of the Bronte sisters. Maybe it is just how grandly and dramatically it captures this moment of reunion--one could surely write a novel inspired by it!  I love the triangle formed by the three figures coming together--the outstretched arms of the little girl on one side, and voluminous purple skirt of woman on the other--and then that great view of the landscape behind them through huge open window. But it is the expression on the face of the man at the center upon which I think the painting hinges-- elusive, perhaps troubled; ah, here is where the real drama lies!

I am not certain the date of this painting but would guess mid-to-late 19th century. It is signed with what looks to be a "K" in the bottom right corner. Framed with a gray mat and simple black frame strung with wire on the back from hanging, and in great  condition. Framed: 9 1/4" x 11 3/4". Image size: 4" x 6".