Warriors in Bear Costume, Graphite and Crayon Drawing on 1875 Ledger Paper

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While this gathering of warriors dressed as bears seems as if it might have generated entirely from the imagination of the child who drew it, it is one of a handful I found together portraying various historical battles, all done on ledger pages spanning from the 1870s-late 1880s ( I believe the drawings were done several decades later.) My guess is these might be Native Americans of the Northwest coast portrayed, perhaps referencing the Nootka crisis of 1789, though I'm by no means sure. (I am including a 1915 photo by Edward Curtis of a Nootka dressed in phenomenal ceremonial bear costume.) Whatever the case, I think it is quite a fantastic drawing, and clearly the scene was very very vivid in the mind of its maker, who clearly took a great deal of pleasure drawing all of those bear ears, and swords, and raised hands, and snow shoes, too!

13 1/8” x 8 1/8”, graphite and crayon on ledger paper. Very good condition, with some scattered smudges. Partially filled ledger page with a bit of doodling on reverse. Early 20th century I believe.