Wailing Diva, c. 1920s-30s Naive Graphite and Color Pencil Drawing on 19th c. Ledger Paper

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This is one of five drawings on ledger paper I am listing, all found together, with some 19th c. writing on some of the pages, but the drawings done a few decades later, I'm guessing 1920s or 30s, when a kid, or a couple of them, got a hold of the ledger. I love this solitary wailing diva (she looks very operatic to me) set against the gridded lines of the ledger, with the bold pink center line cutting straight across her waist. And the erasures-made in process of trying to get her gesture just right--only add to it I think. like echoes of a fluttering arm. One part existential, one part humorous, all parts good! 

13 7/8” l x 8 1/2” and in good condition.