Visitors Parking Old Black and White Hand-painted Wooden Sign

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I love original, truly one of a kind old handmade signs in all their brilliant variety, but I also love more straightforwardly functional ones, like this great looking "Visitors Parking" sign (and two others, for Gifts and Open House/Auction that I found along with it, listed separately), which can be used to mean exactly what they say, or creatively/strategically hung to comment on their context. One might hang this one in, or just outside the guest bedroom, or, at least while this pandemic endures, out on the porch along with spare masks and hand sanitizer!

18" x 7 1/8" x 3/4. Perfectly worn, with some alligator-ing to the black paint and scattered scuffs and scrapes but still looks bright and sharp. A bit of minor warping to the wood, but not an issue. The back is painted a dark hunter green. Holes at the center of top and bottom for putting screws through, though it's not very heavy and a nail through the top hole would work just fine.