Vintage Shackman Fraction Learner Set

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I've watched a few of these "Fraction Learner" sets pop up online and always thought they were simply gorgeous, but this is the first one I've found in near perfect condition, so I scooped it up immediately. Definitely, it is an excellent tool for teaching fractions as portions of a whole, with six circles divided up into differently sized slices and a spinner with sides corresponding to each, but I also just love it for its aesthetic value, and the pleasure of mixing and matching the pieces. The pieces are wood, painted fabulous bright colors (painted on both sides), and are great just treated as blocks spread out on a tabletop for making free form designs, too. Plus all pack up neatly into the slide top wooden box, which itself fits into the original cardboard box it came in, should one want it. Really a great set for young learners and creative thinkers of all ages.

Overall 9 5/8" x 8" x 1 1/8". C. 1960s. Excellent condition, with very light wear to the blocks and wear to the exterior cardboard box, which one really doesn't need anyway!