Vintage Rapid Design Ellipse Stencil Set No. 401 Plus Missile & Space Electronics Stencil

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I have a hard time resisting things that that make me feel more creative just looking at them, in significant part because I imagine there is someone out there who can put them to more creative use than me! Such is the case with this c. 1950s-60s set of ellipse stencils, which fit into individual sleeves in their original booklet, with one extra cool stencil slipped in featuring cutouts for all sorts of "missile and space electronics."

Ellipse stencils (5 of them) measure 10 1/2" x 5 7/8". Missile and Space Electronics stencil measures 10 1/8" x 6". All in very good condition. The booklet shows some cover staining but is in good overall shape with sleeves clean.