Vintage Handmade, Wired Wooden Model House

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Somewhat more neat and crisp than funky and folky, I was thinking this might be a good model house for adding some addition fixtures or flourishes to should one be so inclined--or just finding the perfect little carved dogs and cats to set on its several stoops and covered porch!  With wires still inside, at one point this house would have illuminated, making the windows--covered with clear film/mylar and cream paper behind that--glow; and perhaps someone more savvy than I  could rig it to light up again... But just as is it's a pretty sweet one I think, cheerful, super sturdy and soundly made, and good from every view. 

8" l x 6 3/4" w x 6 1/2" t. Very good condition, nicely aged with some light scuffs and paint wear here and there and some wear/staining to the top (stained and varnished I believe) step of the front door (though I think whatever side one chooses on this house could be the ""front").