SOLD Vintage Mexican Folk Art Retablo, Miracle on Operating Table

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You know I'm always on the hunt for Mexican folk art retablos, the more unusual the better, so of course jumped on this operating table scene, thanking Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, floating over the scene at right, for having saved our subject while she was in the hands of the doctor. The manner of the painting reminds me of WW2 era medical instruction manuals (i.e. our subject looks a bit as if she might be a CPR demonstration dummy, and the gurney and wheeled table at the foot of the bed are wonderfully diagrammatic). Plus of course I love the red cross painted on the cap of the long haired nurse. Plus these three ovals at top that look a bit like clouds--or UFOs!--but I assume are the bright lights of the operating room. 

12 1/4" x 10". Good overall condition, painted on a heavy and substantial piece of metal, with rust coming through the white paint, which I like, and some smearing to the text below, where it looks that the name of its maker was lost at some point at lower right. Hole at top for hanging.