Vintage Handwoven Mexican Saltillo Serape Blanket or Rug c. 1940s

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This is a terrific vintage Mexican Saltillo Serape, handwoven and dating I believe to the 1940s or so. Taking their name from the town of Saltillo, where they have been made since the 1500s, Saltillos are distinguished by the diamond shape woven in the center of the blanket, and were traditionally made with dyes derived from crushed fruits and insects, as it was believed that wearing bright colors both brought favors from the gods and warded away evil spirits. I found this one at an estate sale in Lowell, MA—it was folded up at the bottom of a large cardboard box, where it very well may have been squirreled away for many decades. Happily, that means the colors are super vivid (the photos are pretty accurate color-wise, with the dominant color a wonderful rich burgandy) and the only signs of age are a little bit of dirt on one side along the center fold line—barely noticeable, but also which I am confident would come out with a good cleaning. This is really a gorgeous textile!

Approx 86 x 49 1/2 not including fringe.