Vintage Handmade Miniature Wooden Sofa and Chair with Great Lines

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I really love these two, though must say it is the sofa that really sold me, which I think at full scale would make perfect museum seating, and also with those great curves feels a bit Botero-esque to me. I'm not certain the age on these--I might guess 1940s, but am not completely sure. Very nicely handmade, with tiny nails attaching the back of the sofa to the body, and sort of a whitewash stain over the wood. 

Sofa measures 10 1/8" l x 3 5/8" t x 3 3/8" d. Chair 5 7/16" t x 2 7/8" w x 3 1/4" d. Great vintage condition, solid and substantial and with a really nice sculptural presence.