Spinning Orange and White Carnival Wheel of Chance, A-Z Plus 1-6

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There is something so satisfying about spinning a game wheel like this, with the flap at top catching the nails around the perimeter as it goes, making the most satisfying sound. This homemade iteration— with hardware store gold on black stickers on white painted wheel bolted to orange stand—is not especially refined, but I like that it feels as if made with expediency for a relatively humble carnival or local fair, I’d guess maybe in the 1970s or so. And it’s of a scale that one could definitely set it up indoors, where it might be used to determine the outcome of all sorts of things, bringing pure pleasure every time one gives it a whirl.

19 1/8" t x 11 1/2" w x 7" d. The orange painted base (made of particle board I believe) is weathered—this definitely spent some time out doors— but it’s sturdy and stable, the wheel spins fast and smooth, and there is definitely lots of fun left in it! (Note, depending on location, shipping on this might be a little higher than shown at checkout, if significantly so I will contact you, or please contact me in advance for exact rate.)