Vintage Folk Art Still Life Painting with Meat-like Melon Slices Signed J. Colville

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This is not a great painting, but I love it--in very large part because of that meat-like melon (with those very pork chop looking slices) which gives the whole thing a Chaïm Soutine sort of flavor in addition to lending it a certain eroticism! I also love the immediacy with which its maker kept right on going to paint the frame in the same palette. A perfect one for hanging amid a salon style wall of still life paintings, I'd say.

16 5/8" x 13 1/2" x 1". Oil on canvas, good condition, with the canvas stapled right to the edges of the frame--stapled before it was painted I believe, as there a few tiny unpainted spots along the right edge, as documented. Signed J. Colville, c. mid 20th c.