Vintage Carving of Intense Girl with Braids, Presumed Hispaniolan

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Another from the estate of an artist, activist, world traveller, collector, dealer and dear friend in Rockport, MA, which I would guess is Cuban, as she travelled there many times, or perhaps Haitian. I love the intensity and focus expressed in that face, and of course her wonderfully carved braids, pulled forward from behind her ears to frame her face. A great one in the company of other carved heads and figures, but with a very strong presence all her own.

7 1/4” t x 3 9/16 w x 3 1/2 d, heavy, and in good condition, with a nice warm patina to the dry wood. A small loss to the tip of her nose, which I don't think detracts a bit. C. 1960s-70s I believe. Unsigned.