Vintage 1940s Lucky Strikes Tin with Custom Copper Cover

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Another wonderful box! This is an old Lucky Strikes cigarettes tin, circa 1940s, with a beautiful custom made copper cover featuring a leaf and stem design in relief. I found one other Lucky Strikes box to which a copper cover had been added--not nearly as fine as this one, but which suggests it is a thing that people did. I love that the sides of the box are left exposed, reading Lucky Strikes on the long side, and "It's Toasted" on the short sides. The copper cover is really lovely, with a heart shaped leaf (the shape I think is wrong to represent a tobacco leaf) on a long stem, and with a nice warm patina (I have not touched it), and on the inside is a message from the American Tobacco Company announcing: "These Lucky Strikes will commend themselves to your critical approval..." Really a great piece, I think, which, if not for cigarettes (but what a perfect vessel to carefully ration them from!) then good for holding business cards or whatever little things. 

The boxes closes tightly and is in good overall condition, with light aging to the copper and some rusting/scratching to the tin. It measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 5/8".