Charming Antique Walnut Pin Cushion

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Another great old pin cushion--and another example of putting readily accessible (free!) materials to practical use, in this case the shell of a walnut. Brown fabric (silk I believe, and I think two layers of it) with tightly packed stuffing inside (perhaps sawdust, it's a bit hard to tell), and with a red ribbon loop, which would make it easy to wear around one's neck when doing some sewing or mending. Definitely it was used, with plenty of pin pricks in the fabric and one pin still in it, but has many years of use--or many many years of admiring--left in it.

Walnut sized...2" w x 1 1/2" t not including red ribbon. Very good overall condition, very sound and sturdy, with pin wear to the fabric and mending to the red ribbon, with remains strong and good for hanging it by.