Victorian Wallpaper Covered and Lined Box with Portrait and Seaweed Patterns

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Its the seaweed patterned, hand-printed wall paper on the outside and inside of the box that really sold me on it--so pretty, and so Victorian, and making me imagine it once held a collection of dried seaweed specimens carefully arranged and mounted on paper--which represented an escape from sitting prettily in the parlor fanning oneself! On the inside lid is another woman, this one on the La Antiguedad de Santiago cigar box label. With a cloth hinge that is holding tight, and very clean inside, perfect for housing love letters or collected treasures of the sea or land.

7 5/8" w x 5 1/2"d  x 4 1/4" t and in very good condition. A little paper loss along the edges and on sides but really in lovely antique condition, late 19th c. I believe.