Victorian Silk and Gold Embellished Paper Lace Madonna Canivet Card in Period Framed

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I'm not the least bit religious, but I find myself more and more attracted to religious icons and artifacts of all sorts, in no small part I think due to the abundance of ornament so often present, even better when some of it is gold! Very similar in manner to a Victorian die cut and paper lace valentine, this I believe could technically be called a Canivet card, an art connected to small devotional images which had its origin in France in the 13th century and similarly incorporated the use of paper lace and other embellishment. The Madonna's robe and veil here appear to be silk fabric, draped and folded, with gold stars and gold painted cut paper trim adhered over top. Plus this wonderful profusion of greenery and flowers at her feet--really quite a vision! In a period gold painted gesso over wood frame with wood panel back, where I believe it has likely always lived as there is an inscription along one edge on back of the frame, which appears to be from sister Eliza to brother Thomas or similar. Small but with a grand presence and very lovely.

5" x 3 7/16" x 3/4" d. Excellent condition, with a hanging loop at the top of the frame.